How it Works

What is the 56 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

The 56 Day Weight Loss Challenge is Pureline Nutrition’s Bi-Annual event designed as a catalyst to ignite the fire necessary for you to lose weight, burn fat and create a healthier you! During the challenge you can use the team of experts at your local Pureline Nutrition to help guide and coach you to your absolute physical best. Take advantage of our online support and use our Inbody system for tracking your progress.


Why Should I do the 56 Day Weight Loss Challenge?

Whether you’re in it to win the money or just want to hold yourself accountable, the 56 Day Challenge has something for everyone. By signing up you gain access to our team of knowledgable specialists, weekly coaching videos, emails and free weigh-ins on our Inbody scale. Not to mention great discounts on cutting edge supplements designed to help you lose weight fast!


What do I Get as Part of the 56 Day Challenge?

Included in your registration fee is a free initial consultation with a dedicated supplement and nutrition specialist to discuss your goal(s) for the challenge, a nutritional plan and exclusive discounts only available to 56 Day Challenge participants!


When Does the 56 Day Challenge Start?

The Challenge kicks-off January 28th and finishes March 24th. January 28th marks day 1 of the Challenge, but you are able to register and weigh-in up until February11th. Regardless of whether you register after January 28th, the challenge finishes on March 24th.


Can Pureline Employees Participate?

No, this contest is for our friends and clients only.


How Much Does it Cost?

Just 30.00, but winners will get their entry fee back. Also, your entry is FREE with the purchase of any 4 or 8 week Pureline weight loss or lean out package.


Are There Any Discounts For Participants of the 56 Day Challenge?

You bet! All participants get 10% off all Pureline products during their 56 day challenge. Also, winners will get a full reimbursement for all supplements and products used during their 56 day weight-loss challenge.


Who Can I Talk to For Help?

If you have questions regarding the challenge (either before, during or after) feel free to ask any Pureline Supplement Specialist, or contact us at 56DayChallenge@thepureline.com

How Do I Enter?

You can register and weigh-in at your local Pureline Nutrition Store. The Challenge kicks-off January 28th and finishes March 24th. January 28th marks day 1 of the Challenge, but you are able to register and weigh-in up until February11th (this is the last day to register and weigh-in.) Final weigh-out must be completed by March 24th.


How is Weight Loss Measured?

Weight loss is focused on shedding pounds of body-fat and is measured by percent of fat lost. % Change in Body Fat = (Current Body Fat % – Starting Body Fat %) / Starting Body Fat % For example:-37.5%= ((25 – 40) / 40) x 100 In other words, you lost 37.5% of your starting body fat.

Weigh In Weekend

What is Weigh-in Weekend?

Weigh in weekend is the kick-off of the 56 Day Challenge (Jan 25th, 26th and 27th, 2019.) It is the time when most people will complete their initial consultation with one of our Supplement Specialists and do their official weigh-in. During this weekend only, exclusive 15% off discounts are available to our participants. You can still register up to February 11th but you wouldn’t get the discounts available during “weigh-in weekend.”


How Long Does the Initial Weigh In Take?

The initial weigh-in on our Inbody scale and a brief consultation will only take between 10-15 minutes on average.


What Is Included in the Consultation?

The consultation is a free sit-down meeting with a Pureline Nutrition Specialist. During this time, you discuss what you would like to accomplish in the 56 Days, get guidance on your diet and nutrition program and talk about how to accelerate your results. This is also when you complete your initial weigh-in. It is recommended to wear light-weight clothing.


What If I Can’t Attend Weigh-In Weekend?

The Challenge kicks-off January 28th and finishes March 24th. January 28th marks day 1 of the Challenge, but you are able to register and weigh-in up until February11th. Regardless of whether you register after January 28th, the challenge finishes on March 24th.

Weekly Weigh-Ins

When is The First Weekly Weigh-In?

The first weekly weigh-in will be February 4th or 7 days from the time that you commenced your weight loss journey


Why Should You Weigh-In?

Lots of reasons! It gives you a starting point, provides accountability and allows you to assess whether your weight loss program is working. This allows for you to make necessary changes and further accelerate your results.


Do I Have to Weigh In Weekly to be Eligible For Prizes?

No, but you do have to complete two weigh ins on the Inbody analysis scale throughout the course of the challenge to be eligible to win the prize. One initial weight in Jan 25th - Feb 11th and one final weigh-out from March 18th - March 24th. All weigh-ins between these two dates are completely optional but highly encouraged!


Where Do I Go to Weigh-In or Weigh-Out?

All official weigh-ins or weigh-outs must be done at a participating Pureline Nutrition Store.


What Does the Weigh-In or Weigh-Out Measure?

The challenges focuses on the % change of body-fat over the 56 day period. This encourages a fair playing field for all regardless of starting point. Because people will enter the challenge with different body shapes, sizes, heights and weights, it’s important to level the playing field by using an equation that calculates the % of body-fat lost rather than total body-fat or weight lost.

The formula used to calculate the % of body-fat lost is as follows:

% Change in Body Fat = (Current Body Fat % – Starting Body Fat %) / Starting Body Fat % For example: -37.5%= ((25 – 40) / 40) x 100

In the example above the individual lost 37.5% of their starting body-fat.


How Do I Track My Progress?

Each time you weigh-in, your Pureline Specialist will enter your data into our system. It will be stored there for you to view and request anytime during the challenge.


What Is a Weigh-Out?

A weigh-out is your last recorded weight and/or body fat percentage measurement taken using the Inbody Machine. If you are going to complete a weigh-out, it must be done on or before March 24th by 5pm local time.


Why Should I Weigh-Out?

To see how you did in the past 56 days! Also to finish your qualification to win the prizes being given out to the the winners of the challenge!


What Is Weigh-Out Weekend

Weight out weekend is March 22nd - March 24th and it’s when most people will complete their final weigh-out and Inbody analysis.


What If I Can’t Attend Weigh-Out Weekend?

You do not have to be present during Weigh-Out Weekend, March 22nd - March 24th. However if you are going to complete a weigh-out it must between March 18th and March 24th.


Who Do I Weigh-Out With?

Just like all your weigh-ins, you're weigh-out will be done with a Pureline Nutrition Specialist at your participating Pureline Nutrition Store.

How to Compete For Prizes

What Do I Need to Do to be Eligible to Win?

To be eligible to win prizes you must submit 3 “before” photos (front, side and rear) and 3 “after” photos as well as a personal essay/success story. This submission should be submitted along with digital pictures to 56DayChallenge@thepureline.com and is due between March 18th and March 24th to be eligible to win prizes.


How Do I Submit My Photos and Essay?

Please submit your 6 photos (3 “before” and 3 “after”) as well as your personal essay to 56DayChallenge@thepureline.com anytime between March 18th and March 24th by 9pm CST.

When Are The Photos and Essay Due?

Submit your photos and essay anytime between March 18h and March 24th by 9pm CST. No late entries will be accepted! This gives all individuals a week to complete. - No Excuses


What is The Personal Essay/Success Story?

The personal essay is your story of your last 56 day journey. It should detail your own personal development and transformation over the 56 day journey. The essay should be 800 words or less and should be your personal story of accomplishment while highlighting the Pureline products used and how the Pureline Team may have helped you reach your best.

Winners and Prizes

What are the Prizes?

There are Two Winners (one male and one female) each winner will receive 1,000.00 plus complete reimbursement of entry fee and all supplements used during the 56 Day Challenge. Please be sure and keep your receipts or c/c statements for proof of purchases.


How Many Winners?

Two winners total! Two winners receive 1000.00 each!


What is The Judging Criteria?

The judging is based on 70% body composition change, 15% “before” and “after" pictures, and 15% personal essay. The body composition change is based on percentage of fat lost.


How Are The Winners Chosen?

A corporate committee reviews each entry and selects the two winners based on the judging criteria above.

What Are Before and After Photos?

Three “before” photos and three “after” photos are required in order to be eligible for prizes. Even if you’re not competing for prizes, we highly recommend that all people take these photos as they are a great way to show your overall change and inspire you through the journey. These photos will not be judged but may be used later by Pureline Nutrition.


What Do I Do With My “Before” and “After” Photos?

If you are competing for prizes, these photos need to be submitted (along with your personal essay) to www.56DayWeightLossChallenge.com/yourstory anytime between March 18th and March 24th by 9pm CST. Before photos should not be submitted until the end of the challenge.

How Do I Take My “Before” and “After” Photos?

Three poses of “before” photos (front view, side view and back view) as well as three poses of “after” photos should be taken. To help ensure these photos are within the 56 Day Challenge Time Period you should be wearing your color wristband that you received when you registered for the challenge. Photos can be taken in athletic clothing. Women, it is not required for you to wear a bathing suit or jogging bra (although you may at your discretion.) The idea is to showcase inches and pounds lost. Men you may take the picture with or without a shirt while wearing athletic pants or shorts.